Innovative Design

Smart floor home carpets are innovative design ideas that are revolutionary for modern home design, interior decorating and improving mood & health.

A carpet is what creates a distinction between a nice room and a majestic one. Carpets and rugs provide a luxurious yet relaxed vibe in the room in which they are placed. Soft flooring ideas and modern floor rugs & carpets add colour and texture to room decoration and bring amazing patterns into interior design. Carpets are one of the most important elements of modern interior design that add a lot of character to the room and the decor within.

At Ambadi, we aim to fulfil all home, office and hospitality spaces’ furnishing needs. We offer a vast range of tufted, woven, shaggy, hand-knotted and handloom home & office carpet flooring for one to choose from. Our handmade carpets and rugs are rich in artistic tradition that emanates from very high skill craftsmanship and spell luxurious pride for people who possess them. Our range features both home & office carpet designs catering to various tastes & preferences, all at reasonable prices. And the unmatched trust & comfort that comes from sourcing from an industry leader, make us a preferred Indian rugs and carpet design & manufacturing partner for the world.

Large Scale Manufacturer

As of today, we have our own manufacturing facilities in different weaving areas of India and therefore we offer a wide range of Hand Woven, Tufted & Knotted carpets and rugs. We are well equipped to produce large scale orders with complete efficiency.

Besides standard carpets and rugs program, we specialize in custom carpets and rugs wherein we keep stocks of yarns to enable us to turnaround orders within 30-45 days. Moreover, we also cater to major residential and commercial projects through our broadloom rolls where we have extra wide looms to produce rolls in a width of 16 feet supported with an online drying chamber which can dry three rolls simultaneously for a maximum length of 75 feet. Read More

Our Values & Strengths

75 years of Excellence

Over the past 75 years, Ambadi has built the company on the foundation of quality & trust, and has been recognized as one of the largest handmade Indian rugs and home textile manufacturers.

IP Protection

As part of the disclaimer policy, each sold product is highly exclusive in design and is sold to individual clients only.

Our Group Ethics

With a belief that honesty and humbleness is the key to building a long lasting reputation, we practice every aspect of it to make our business ethical both for the customers and our employees.


Just like each thread contributes towards making our products stronger and beautiful, our every task, from mundane to delicate, is taken with sheer commitment of quality and beauty.


As a company with sustainable future as driving force, we are quite sensitive towards the environment and our society & make sure we contribute to its betterment.


With great quality comes great credibility, which we have built over the years through various certifications which ensure that each product is of top quality and complies with all regulations.

Our Products

Hand Tufted

Tufting is a type of textile weaving in which a thread (wool) is inserted on a primary base through a hand tool

Hand Knotted

This is the most ancient weaving technique. A knotted-pile carpet is a carpet containing


Despite the advent of power and heavy metal looms, Ambadi uses the time-tested wooden loom


Woven cloth, which is the base of the rug, is made using two sets of intersecting threads


Here weaving is done by intersecting the longitudinal threads, the warp, i.e., "that which is thrown across", with the transverse threads


India’s tryst with intricate handcrafted fabric and design goes back hundreds of years.


Nature, and its various elements, and their hues, textures & shades are not just exceptionally beautiful but also very unique.

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