Cushions are the easiest accessories to tie a room together.

At Ambadi we create on-trend, fashionable cushions and cushion covers from quality fabrics, using different techniques consisting of materials like velvet, cotton, chambray, linen, woven, knitted, embroidered & printed in different sizes. Bold or understated, classic or modern, daily use or decorative cushions, we have all range of beautiful cushions and cushion covers to co-ordinate your bed or sofa from every day ordinary to comfortably stylish be it throw pillow covers, couch cushion covers, or themes including but not limited to Thanksgiving/ Halloween/Christmas cushion covers. We also have a large range of custom cushion covers.

We also cater to outdoor pillow covers or outdoor cushions like seat pads in different styles like a box – edge finish & knife-edge finish which is comfy, soft & durable.

Patterned Cushions

Solid Cushions

Velvet Cushions

Linen Cushions

Outdoor Cushions